Friday, May 24, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

~~ 1 ~~
Are you looking for a cool t-shirt and/or a way to help orphans? You can get one right here from my friend Megan. She's running a fundraiser for orphanages in China, which you can read more about here or follow on Facebook here. The shirt pictured is the women's shirt; a unisex shirt will be available soon (by the time this is published, it may already be available.) Megan says that these are good-quality t-shirts and the printing is well-done. It's a t-shirt you could actually wear in public, not just something you'd have to use for pajamas.

~~ 2 ~~
I got home on Tuesday just in time for my little brother's Confirmation on Tuesday night. He's so old. My little sister was his sponsor. He's taller than she is. I remember when he was born.

~~ 3 ~~
A cousin that I thought was five made his first Communion this spring. All these little kids doing big-kid and grown-up things. I feel so old. :(

~~ 4 ~~
My mother is driving me to my house this summer so she can help me set up. I'm looking forward to this! It might be just the two of us. Road trip! K and M and G will be there that weekend to help too. (Legal, responsible) party time!

~~ 5 ~~
Packing up all my stuff in my dorm took longer than I thought it was going to. I rented a pickup truck and moved it all out to a storage locker. My sister and R also shoved some of their stuff in there. I think we'll need to make a couple trips to get it out. Sounds like fun right? Not.

~~ 6 ~~
I've been trying to pick up more knowledge about homeschooling and homemaking and budgeting wisely. I'm realizing that I'm a terribly disorganized person. If I could fix that, the rest of my life would be awesome. It really would. (For an example of disorganization, see this post.)

~~ 7 ~~
On that note, one of my main summer goals is to get more organized. I'm hoping to blog about progress. Watch this space. But not too closely, because I don't want to be embarrassed when I forget.

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