Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm not dead; Seven Quick Takes to prove it

~~ 1 ~~
Hi. Sorry for the radio silence. I am not dead. I am busy and distracted. I've been thinking for a while about how scattered and disorganized my mind has become. This has resulted in the scattering and disorganization of my life. I'm thinking of writing a post about this. Maybe next week's 7QT will be 7 small steps towards simplicity. For now I leave you with this: The Real Reason to Quit Facebook (and 10 What-Ifs).

~~ 2 ~~
I just noticed that my last 7QT post was all about how organized and responsible I'm going to be. Ha. Sometimes life doesn't work out the way you want it to. In my defense, I have a lot of papers to write: a draft of my thesis, which is supposed to be 50 pages long, and a 20 page paper, and a 10 (? I forget) page paper/play. And I have lab work, which isn't a paper but takes a lot of time.

~~ 3 ~~
Have I talked about my thesis? I'm writing about autism and Thomas Aquinas, and the idea is that using Thomas Aquinas and his model of flourishing can help us choose treatment goals. It's interesting, but I'm basically at the point where I've thought enough that I have a good sense of what I want to say. So now I have no interest in actually writing the paper. I thought I liked writing, but usually I write and think simultaneously (which works much better than it sounds like it would). I guess I like thinking, not writing.

~~ 4 ~~
Does anyone read this blog? Just leave me a comment and say hi. I feel like I'm talking to myself.

~~ 5 ~~
I totally failed at the buying-Christmas-presents before Advent goal. Here it is almost week 2 and I haven't even decided for everyone. Fail! On the plus side, I'm going to make a Jesse tree with my CCD class. So I must get some bonus points. It seems like a Jesse tree is the ultimate Overachieving Pinterest Mom symbol and I don't even have kids.

~~ 6 ~~
Kyle got a job in Chicago, so we'll be moving there when we graduate. All other details TBD, but we want to try to go to this church. Jealous? (If not, you probably have terrible liturgical taste. Just kidding. Except not really.)

~~ 7 ~~
Well that was a fairly unkind note to end this post on. But I can't think of anything better to say. I will try to post more in the future so people don't scold me for abandoning my blog (HI SOPHIE).

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