Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On knitting

I think I've mentioned that I knit. I am one of those people who knits in phases--madly completing several projects, then not touching a needle for three months. I haven't knitted in a long time, because I just got busy with school and went through a non-knitting phase. But now I'm home with spare time that I'd like to use on something more productive than Facebook. So I'm back to knitting. (Why do my mad knitting phases tend to line up with summer? It's too hot to knit. Sigh.)

I was knitting this pretty top. Unfortunately, with the body knitted, I have no yarn left to do the applied i-cord edging. Without the edging, the top rolls and curls in a very unattractive way. To the craft store for me, I suppose. I would post in a knitting group to see if someone has some leftovers, but I can't remember the name of the yarn and I no longer have the label. Oh well. Now I'm just hoping it fits.

I am now knitting the Feather and Fan blanket from this book. I like it. It's a very simple four-row repeat, only one row of which is anything other than "knit across" or "purl across," but it makes a ripply lace pattern with scalloped edges. I suspect I will get bored before it's over though. Blankets are big. I'll post a picture of it too. (Right now I'm just too darn lazy to get up and find my camera.) This blanket will be a fundraiser for Kurt. I'll sell it somehow, either as an auction or as a donations-for-entries-to-a-giveaway kind of fundraiser. I have no idea how long it will be till it's done. I'll post again when I have pictures and/or significant progress to report.

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