Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fundraiser: Fun Pasta!

I've just started a new fundraiser with Fun Pasta Fundraising. This is a company that makes pasta in all kinds of fun shapes. I've posted a picture of the music-themed pasta, but you can get pasta themed from everything from breast cancer support to your favorite college sports team. If you don't like making pasta, they also sell chili, soups, and cookies.

40% of your purchase will go to Aisha's fund. Please go check Fun Pasta Fundraising out!


  1. I have a question about the pasta fundraiser. Do I purchase individual units from you? Is there tax? How much is shipping and handling, etc.?
    Aunt Katie

    1. You can buy them online, in which case there is shipping, or you can tell me what you want and I can put in a master order. Then shipping will be free. But I can only do one order so you wouldn't get your stuff as fast. I am not sure if there is tax. They are based in TN so I would think not unless you lived in TN? But I'm not sure how tax laws work.


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