Thursday, October 4, 2012

Help Save a Life (or Two or Ten)

A few requests today.

The first is extremely quick. Reece's Rainbow is in a contest. If they get the most votes, they will get $50,000 to help save orphans' lives. Click here to vote for Reece's Rainbow!(You must be 21 because it's a wine company.) Vote once a day, every day, until October 31st. (Some people have reported that their cookies allow them to vote more than once a day--please don't do that, because Cultivate Wines can check that kind of thing and they could disqualify RR.) Want to know which kids are going to receive the money in their grants if Reece's Rainbow wins? Click here.

The second request: As you know, I'm an Angel Tree Warrior for Aisha K. There are still many, many children who need warriors. Please consider signing up. This would be a great service project for a group if you don't think you can do it alone. Here are the girls on the Angel Tree, and here are the boys. (There may be more than one page of children.) Children who don't have a grey image with a starfish next to their info still need warriors. Click here to learn more about the program and here to sign up.

The Flesher family are adopting a child with Cornelia de Lange syndrome (also known as Babydoll Syndrome), a condition that causes mental and physical disabilities. They have been fundraising in their community, but they are in desperate need of funds. Mrs. Flesher also just got hurt. They currently have a matching grant: When their funds reach $2575 they will be given another $1100. Right now they are at $710. If they don't get this money, they may not be able to proceed with their adoption. Please help them out! If you can't donate, spread the word!

Lastly, if you've been participating in the fundraiser for Gertie, September's over! Please count up your electronic change and donate it. So far only three people have put money in, and one of them was me. (I do know that some of you are still fully intending to donate and are waiting on an external factor, so please don't feel insulted if you are one of those people.)

Thanks for reading! If you're sick of reading about money, hang tight--I'm planning out a post on a totally different topic.

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