Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good news and bad news

Bad news: I'm under self-observation for possibly developing bipolar disorder. My school's counseling center offers 15-minute, low-key walk-ins with psychologists for people who have quick questions or one-time problems and don't want to go through the whole intake process to get therapy. I went to talk to a psychologist about my crazy weekend. (The whole episode, by the way, wound up lasting about 48 hours, with the worst part lasting about 24.) He agreed with me that it was hypomania, and asked about a family history of bipolar disorder or depression. And yes, I have a family history of both on both sides. So I've been instructed not to worry about it for now (yeah right), and not to jump to a diagnosis, but if anything like this happens again, to go to the counseling center. Hopefully this was a one-off thing; but the psychologist said he hadn't heard of hypomania happening without a cause. I'm pretty freaked out by this, obviously. Ever since I was little, I have been scared of going crazy. At least I have good friends and a supportive family. Prayers would be appreciated.
Good news: K and I have been texting every day. Yesterday he called me because he had a funny story to tell me that wouldn't fit into a text message. I was watching a movie with friends, but I said he could call me. And we wound up talking for 2.5 hours! The only reason we even stopped then was that his phone battery was dying. (I think I may have gone over my cell phone minutes this month. Oops. Hopefully it's not too expensive.) We talked about a lot of stuff, including some decently personal stuff (life aspirations, etc.). And he said he'd call me tomorrow! (That is, today.) I texted him to say let's skype instead, and he agreed. I'll be going to Mass at 4:30, then dinner, then Vespers at church. After that I think my whole evening's free, so hopefully that works for him. B and R also get back from R's house tonight, so I may spend time with them.

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