Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Knitting update

Here's a photo of my Siesta top. I'm going to wear it in the winter, over a long-sleeved crewneck. Please pardon the unmatching shirt I currently have on underneath. I just didn't feel like changing.
See how the edges are curled? That's why I need more yarn. All the edges are supposed to be finished with applied i-cord to stop that. I was considering skipping this step, and then I tried it on. Boy is it ugly like this. I guess it's off to the craft store for me! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to go for another week or two. So this project is officially on hold.

Luckily I still have....Kurt's blanket! This is nowhere near done, and I'll be honest, it's getting very slightly boring because the pattern is so very simple. It would be a great pattern to do while watching a movie, but I don't watch movies much. I do have a course-on-tape that I need to listen to, though, so perhaps I'll use Kurt's blanket as the impetus to finish that. This is a photo of the pattern, stretched out. It's much nicer stretched out than the way it lies normally. This may be the first project I block!

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