Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Alexander

Today's Teamwork Tuesday child is Alexander. Alexander desperately needs a family, because he is suffering from a brain tumor. His brain tumor has affected his vision. If he stays where he is, HE WILL DIE. Moving to the US may be the only way to save his life.
A missionary who visited Alexander's orphanage said that he was "happy, cheerful and sociable...a very lovable kid and very smart." (There's a much longer description if you click through the link to his Reece's Rainbow page.)
Look at this child. You can see that his eyes are damaged in this picture. I'm sure he knows he's dying. But he's still smiling, and his failing eyes are still full of hope.
Someone please go get Alexander! Don't let the spark in his eyes go out. Don't let his tumor destroy his sight. Don't let him die.

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