Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog blitz for Marcus

Look at this little boy. Isn't he cute? This is Marcus. Marcus is almost ten years old. His birthday is in December, just like mine! Little Marcus is very smart, but because he has spina bifida, he is in an orphanage. He thinks that no one will ever come to adopt him because his legs don't work. Somebody out there is meant to prove him wrong. Is it you? Do you know who it is?

Daneille at The Wonder of Boys has posted about a matching grant and incentive gift cards for Marcus here. Please go check it out and consider donating.

As always, pray. Not everyone has money, and only one family is Marcus'. But everyone has three seconds, and that's longer than it takes to say, "God, please give Marcus his family." (I timed it.) What would happen if everyone said that every day, and meant it?


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