Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Heather

Look at this little girl. Compare her size to the sneakers in the background. How old do you think she is? Two? Three?

Actually, Heather is TEN years old and will turn eleven this September. She has Down syndrome, with no other health complications listed.

Poor tiny little Heather needs a family so that she can grow, mentally if not physically. (People who have Down syndrome are usually short, and after orphanage life Heather will probably be especially tiny. But with a family to love her and proper nutrition, Heather will hopefully be able to make up for some of her stunted growth.)

Heather is in an area that welcomes large families and older parents. Several children can be adopted together, even if they are unrelated. Only two trips are required (one by both parents, one by just one). The total cost is around $25k, and the program moves very quickly (average of seven months start to finish).

As always, consider whether Heather is your child. Consider donating to her adoption grant. And pray for her.

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