Monday, September 24, 2012

The End of the Story

Aisha is cute and chubby. She really doesn't look like a child who needs to be saved.
Saved from what exactly?

Let me show you Aisha's past.

Baby Aisha. Probably born to a mother who wanted her, but was told that she would be impossibly hard to care for because of her Down syndrome.

So Aisha's mother left her in an orphanage, trying to give her newborn daughter a better life.

The baby grew. She turned one. She turned two.

She turned three. She wasn't being starved or beaten. She had enough to eat. What she was missing was a family.

Now the baby is three and a half. This photo was taken in August, less than two months ago.

Shall we keep going? What is the end of the baby's story?

Meet Ksenia. Ksenia wasn't starving either. Then she got transferred to the adult mental institution.

This is Ksenia too. This is what the mental institution does to children.

Maybe that was just that one institution? Maybe that's not a pattern?

If only that were true.

Meet Nathan.
Meet Darina.
Meet Sonny.

So what will Aisha's future be? I don't want to see her turn into an example on someone else's post like this. If she is adopted, she will not be that example. Instead, she will be an example of how love and family save children.

Help me save Aisha. Pray. Share. Contribute to one of our current fundraisers.

(Just to be perfectly clear, my early life history on Aisha is nothing more than an educated guess. I have no real information about her past.)

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